Watch GCW: Backyard Wrestling 3 2021 7/4/21

Watch GCW: Backyard Wrestling 3 2021 7/4/21 – 4th July 2021 Online Full Online Free HD:

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Watch GCW presents “Backyard Wrestling 3” 7/4/21 Match Card Predictions

Match Card

Date : 7/4/21
Timing : 3PM ET

# Buried Alive Match
Paco Loco vs KC Kwik

# Singles Match
World Famous CB vs Nasty Leroy

# Eight Man Series Of Survival Match
Fourth Of July Blunt Guy (Steve Sanders), Ayden Alexander, C-Spot & Nolan Edward vs The Chad (Tye Hyll), Claude Marrow Jr., Tony Deppen & Vampyro

# Rickey Crash vs Natas
# Otis White vs Dexter White
# Pizza Cat Jr. vs Darc Angel (Marcus Mathers)
# Emanon vs JJ Escobar
# Diablo vs Aerial Crow (Dyln McKay)
# Colby Corino vs Mayday Jack

# Six Man Tag Team Match
Young Dumb N Broke (Charlie Tiger, Ellis Taylor & Jordan Oliver) vs Big Vin Squad (Big Vin, KTB & Mike Swanson)

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